Brushkeeper Deluxe EcoBrush size 12

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Brushkeeper Deluxe EcoBrush size 12

BrushKeeper and EcoBrush are sold as a set and are a perfect match. When ordering this product you will receive both the Brushkeeper and the Ecobrush. 

Put your used brush in the Brushkeeper until the next day and always have a ready-to-use brush at hand!

You want to clean your brush? Fill the Brushkeeper with water or white spirit and simply shake the brush clean. Or leave the brush for 2 days in this liquid. The brush will clean itself!

Brushkeeper is a durable solution: no more paint disposal in the environment as there´s no need to hold your brush under the tap. Brushkeeper is made from recycable materials.

Convenient – Easy to Store – No Mess – Durable.

The EcoBrush is suitable for both acrylic and alkyd/oil-based paints.

Four sizes available, ranging from small to large – size 10, 12, 14, 16. This one is size 12.