Cling on brush S50 large short – the best brushes ever

Jill’s tip: I have to be honest, I have been painting furniture for a long time and I only ever use Cling on brushes.
My favourites are the Cling on brush S50 and the Cling on brush O40. The S50 has a fab short handle – for getting into all those nooks and crannies inside your furniture.
The O40 is a good sized Oval brush – perfect for long sweeping strokes and maximum coverage with very little effort.
Of course I also use the Two Fussy Blokes Rollers for larger areas.


– S50 – 

Short handle large

Width: 2” (50mm)

Filaments Length 2.1” (53mm)

Handle: 3.8″ (97mm)



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Cling on brush S50


CLING ON! is the youngest paintbrush in The Netherlands, yet filled with decades of experience.


Designed, not by marketeers in a suit, but by a Dutch painter, actually on the job on a daily basis, knowing what a paintbrush should do and what it should feel like.


Handmade for use with waterbased products, the Cling On! brush can in fact handle any kind of paint and will give you a flawless result, making painting no less than a joy.


Discovered by furniture painters the Cling On!’s are now the favourites of vintage lovers and furniture flippers, spreading around the world!


Changing the past, working the present, fit for the future…. Check ‘em out!!