Crackled Texture

Crackled Texture

Add that French Provincial old weathered look to your furniture! Fusion Crackled Texture is a super easy way to give an aged look to your piece of new or vintage furniture. You apply the Crackled Texture, let it dry well for 6 to 12 hours. Then you can paint over it with a color of Fusion Mineral paint of your choice. Do you want to accentuate the crackles even more? Then use a brown, black or white wax. The wax settles into the crackles, giving you even more depth.


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Get a deeply defined, aged, cracked paint look using our Crackled Texture. Simply pour onto a horizontal surface, let dry then paint over top. Crackled Texture is made of the same high-quality ingredients as Fusion Mineral Paint™ and will stick to anything Fusion™ does.

For larger, thicker cracks, pour a thick layer of Crackled Texture. For smaller details, brush the product into a thin layer, however, too much brushing will eliminate cracks from appearing. This baselayer creates depth with a crackled look. Great for creating an instant-aged aesthetic.

Our Crackled Texture is white but can be painted over after it dries.


Stir before using. Apply to a horizontal surface for best results. Apply an even layer with a spreading tool. This product is self-levelling. Tap to settle air bubbles. Thicker application will result in larger, more defined cracking. Spreading will result in smaller cracking. DO NOT MIX PAINT with this product or no cracking will occur.


Crackled Texture is made of the same high quality ingredients as Fusion Mineral Paint and will stick to almost anything Fusion does.  For larger, thicker cracks, apply a thick layer of Crackled Texture.  For smaller details, brush the product into a thin layer.

    • Non-toxic
    • Easy to use
    • Does not need to be painted over
    • Does not need a top coat


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix Fusion Mineral Paint into the Crackled Texture?
No. The Crackled Texture works because it does not have a bonding agent – and Fusion does have that bonding agent. If you add Fusion into the Crackled Texture, you will not get cracks.
Can I use this over Fusion Mineral Paint?

Yes! If you put on a thick layer and get deep cracks, you may even see some of the base coat through the cracks.
Can I use Fusion Mineral Paint over this?

Absolutely! There are so many different ways to work with Crackled Texture and Fusion, check out these blog posts:
How do I make bigger, deeper cracks?

A thicker application of Crackled Texture will result in bigger cracks. Try to spread it only once, because the more you work with it, the smaller the cracks will be.