NEW – Decoupage Paper Burst of Color

NEW Decoupage Paper Burst of Color

Love a bolder look with bright, happy blooms? “Burst of Color” will delight you with deep fuchsia and cool turquoise touches, wrapped sweetly in greenery, pulling together the most beautiful floral bouquet which is just bursting with color!

Our paper is incredibly easy to use. Simply measure and cut the desired amount of paper, add some decoupage gel on the prepared surface, set paper on top and smooth it with the Scraper Tool or Brayer. Seal as desired!

Redesign with Prima’s Paper is perfect for use on walls, furniture, and other décor items.

23.4″X33.1″ A1 size – 1 sheet


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Fiber Paper


NEW Decoupage Paper Burst of Color

Made of a high density, fibrous material this one-of-a-kind fiber paper is tear-resistant, non-wrinkling, and ultra versatile.

Each A1 sheet measures 23.4 x 33.1 inches and is folded flat for easier shipping.

Experience Redesign With Prima® Decoupage Fiber Paper. A high-quality material built on flexibility, ease of use and durability, our new Decoupage Fiber will surely give you incredible results and applications. Made of a high density, fibrous material, Decoupage Fiber is designed to be used on any surface, from furniture to walls, with a wrinkle-free surface that will provide incredible results. This tear-resistant, non-wrinkling, and ultra versatile material is compatible with most water-based mediums, and will completely blend into your surfaces without any cracking or warping.

A budget-friendly option, Decoupage Fiber provides a beautiful and economical way to transform your surfaces and pieces, easily and affordably. Best paired with: Decoupage Gel, Mod Podge, other water-based sealants.

Best used on: almost any surface including wood, canvas, concrete, plastic, glass, plaster, etc.

  • Use Decoupage Gel or Tough Coat for applying the paper and sealing it when finished!