Fan Deck True Colour – Fusion Milk Paint

Fan Deck True Colour – Fusion Milk Paint 

The new 2021 Milk Paint by Fusion True Colour Fan Deck includes large swatches of all 28 Milk Paint by Fusion Colours. 



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New! Fan Deck True Colour – Fusion Milk Paint

The new 2021 Milk Paint by Fusion 2″x5″ True Color Fan Deck includes large swatches of all 28 Milk Paint by Fusion Colours (current and limited releases), as well as colour descriptions and colour pairings on the back for each Fusion colour offered to spark your DIY creativity!

Accurately depicting 28 Milk Paint by Fusion colours, this handy Fan Deck is the perfect colour choosing tool, especially when picking fabrics, comparing shades, finding matches to existing projects or furniture, etc. You are able to add new colour cards to this incredible Fan Deck as they become available!

This is the perfect companion if for the Fusion furniture flipper!

Fusion Mineral Paint. For busy DIYers, Fusion is the professional’s choice for extraordinary colour, coverage, and durability. With minimal prep, one-step application, superb adhesion, high hiding coverage, self-levelling, environment friendly zero VOC formulation, and an incomparably strong built-in top coat delivering an exceptional matte finish, it’s incredibly easy to Paint it Beautiful with Fusion!

Fusion has more than 50 elegant and bold colours to choose from, enabling you to take on any undertaking small or large!  A single pint can cover up to 75 sq. ft!  And, unlike chalk paint, Fusion is an All-in-One 100% acrylic paint type of paint with a built-in top coat, so waxing is not required!

Go from inspired to admired in a few hours. Unleash your creativity and freshen dated furniture, home décor, or an entire room in your house with the best-in-class Fusion Mineral Paint, Fusion’s All-in-One Stain and Finishing Oils, and gorgeous Fusion Waxes. Live happily with things you love, and DIY the rest by adding color, reinventing, and refinishing while enjoying your time to create. Pick your project, bring home a pint of mineral inspiration, and Paint it Beautiful!

Free Shipping on orders over EUR 60. 2 pots of Fusion ship for same price as 1 pot! 

Learn how to Paint it Beautiful with Fusion Mineral Paint, read the Official Fusion FAQ, head to the Official Fusion Blog and Paint it Beautiful Facebook page, and watch and learn the Official Fusion Mineral Paint YouTube Channel for a lot more inspiration!