Furniture Upcycling Workshop

Furniture upcycling workshop


1-day Furniture Upcycling workshop

Have you always wondered how to go about upcycling your old furniture? Then this workshop is for you!

In our 1-day furniture upcycling workshop you will learn the basic steps to restyle your own piece of furniture. Learn all the tips & tricks from the professionals in a super fun day, with 1-on-1 guidance and a great group atmosphere. We give demos and then you can get started for yourself! We help you with all the steps, and give colour and design advice for your own piece. Any questions? Fire away! We are always available to help!

You will bring a small table, chair, or piece of furniture (side table, bedside table). Furniture upcycling workshop

Classes are taught in Dutch and English as needed. See below for more info. Check out the photos in the gallery for the mood of the day.



Aalsmeerderwerg 443, 1432EC Aalsmeer


Sat 20 April 2024, Sat 25 May 2024, Sat 8 June 2024


10:00 – 16:00


More about Furniture Upcycling Workshop

Furniture Upcycling workshop

1-day Furniture Upcycling workshop

In our 1-day furniture upcycling workshop we teach you the basic steps to restyle your own piece of furniture. We start at 10am and finish around 4-4:30pm.

You will need to bring a small table, chair, or piece of furniture. For example a bedside table or small chest of drawers. If you don’t have a piece available to bring, let us know and you can choose a piece from our stock (different pieces available at different & affordable prices).

What you will learn:

  • We will take you through the different types of paint available – and explain the difference between Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk paint, and when to use them on which pieces of furniture for which desired look
  • How to prep your piece, clean & sand it properly using the eco-friendly materials and how to apply the paint in the best way to avoid brush strokes and get a smooth flawless professional looking finish!

What we provide:

  • Aprons, gloves (if required), paint brushes and all paint required
  • You can choose your own paint colour from the selection of 30+ colours available
  • You can choose from a selection of transfers to apply to your piece after it has been painted (if desired).

You will take home your fully restyled piece of furniture ready to take pride of place in your home. Your piece will be dry enough to put in your car at the end of the day. We also take a group / individual photos to capture the wonderful day we’ve had!

This is a group workshop for minimum 4 – maximum 7 people. So you’re with other like-minded people all day and it’s always great fun! There is plenty of free parking available outside the shop.

NB: please note this is a basic restyling workshop and we will not have time to go into detail in different techniques like stencilling, decoupage, and applying wallpaper to pieces. If you are interested to learn this, we suggest you choose a 1 on 1 workshop for 2 or 3 days. Please enquire for details. We will be adding more workshops to the website shortly.

Furniture Upcycling Workshop Tuition is given in Dutch and English as required.

If you are interested in a group workshop with a group of friends or colleagues – great! Send us a message and we can discuss your needs and set a date! Send your message via the CONTACT FORM.

There is plenty of free parking available outside the shop.


Furniture Upcycling Workshop


MONIQUE: Very nice workshop. Really recommended. Had a great day!

TAMMY: On Saturday, June 3, I had a great day at Jill’s with 4 girlfriends. From 10am until well after 5pm we were busy restyling 5 pieces of furniture we had brought ourselves. We did this day in celebration of two of us turning/being 50. Jill had a tight schedule, but left plenty of room for questions, creative outlets and great conversations. During the workshop, Jill guided us with her skill and her humor. This day will go along with the wonderful shared memories we have as friends.  I can really heartily recommend Jill to everyone. It was SO special to spread our creative wings!

ANGELA: Followed a very nice workshop with Jill. I converted 2 old Ikea bedside tables. Jill is a professional and gave me calm and friendly advice about what I could do with the cabinets (paint, paper, buttons, etc.), but otherwise left me free to do what I wanted. I had a wonderful creative workshop day and I am super happy with my ‘new’ cabinets!


Furniture Upcycling Workshop



  • Suitable pieces for restyling: small side table with/without drawer, small nightstand with/without drawer.
  • Please choose wooden pieces with a low-shine surface. Very shiny surfaces need special/more preparation before painting which we will not have time for.
  • Please ensure you bring pieces that do not need repair as again we will not have enough time for this.
  • We will remove all hardware on the pieces prior to prepping them. This creates the best restyled result, rather than painting over hinges etc. Tools are available for removing the hardware. We can clean the handles etc. and/or spray them gold or a different colour, as people wish. We will also add the hardware back on to the piece at the end of the workshop.
  • If possible it would help if you can send us a photo of the piece that you will bring in advance.


  • We follow a schedule for the day so that we move through the all the steps and have enough time for each part of the restyling process. There is also plenty of time for questions and one-on-one guidance.
  • There is time available to apply a transfer at the end of the painting process (once the piece is dry) and you can choose from a selection of transfers available. If you would like another transfer, of course you are welcome to purchase it in the shop.  People can also share transfers eventually, so they don’t need to buy a whole packet.
  • Your piece will be dry enough for transport home. It is a good idea to bring a blanket or an old sheet or towel to avoid scratches in the car.


  • We have hairdryers available (if required) so that we can dry the pieces in between paint layers to speed up the drying process.
  • There will be enough paint to work with and a choice of approximately 30 colours. Should someone specifically want to use a colour that hasn’t been provide, you are welcome to purchase it from the shop. Of course you then take the rest of the pot/packet home. Note: One tester pot or one small bag of milk paint isn’t enough for a full small table or nightstand, so you would need to purchase the full pot/packet.
  • Aprons and brushes (and eventually plastic gloves if people prefer to work using gloves) are also provided. All other materials required for preparation and finishing will also be provided. eg. sandpaper, top coat, wax, etc. People are also welcome to use the electric sander but we only have one, so you will have to take turns to use this.


  • We provide full explanation of all the products used, as well as step by step guidance on the process and individual help to each person to ensure the best result.
  • Coffee and tea will be readily available throughout the day. There is a schedule so we can take regular breaks.
  • A delicious healthy sandwich lunch is included in the price.