Fusion Mineral Paint Everett

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An earthy and grounded olive tone which is easy to combine with subtle bronze undertones.




One of our most complex colours with multiple undertones, this aged and weathered olive green with subtle bronze undertones. This colour is earthy and grounding, sure to be a staple colour in any home. When compared to Bayberry a brighter olive-yellow undertoned green, Everett is richer and deeper with a slightly blueish undertone Compared to Pressed Fern, Everette shows off its mid-tone, muted green features.


Fusion Mineral Paint is your go to DIY Furniture and Decor Paint All in One.


FUSION™ MINERAL PAINT IS A PROFESSIONAL PAINT FOR THE EVERYDAY DIY’ER. Use it on furniture, walls, floors, doors – every surface from wood, glass, metal, laminate, to plastic, leather (yes!), stone, and tiles. It’s really that versatile!

Easy to use, high coverage, and with a built-in top coat. Over 60 colours to choose from – there’s something for everyone!

Go from inspired to admired in a few hours. Add colour, reinvent and enjoy your time to create. Live with things you love and DIY the rest. Pick your project, bring home a pot of mineral inspiration, and Paint it Beautiful!

Fusion Mineral Paint ™ is a 100% acrylic paint with a matte gloss.

37 ml tester (good for 1 small plant pot, small tray) 1 m2

500 ml pot (good for 1 large cupboard) 7 m2

* Fusion gives a sleek finish and is very suitable for, among other things kitchens and doors.

Read the blog about Fusion Mineral Paint™ For more information.