Milk Paint Wood Stain Provincial Walnut


Milk Paint Wood Stain Provincial Walnut


Homestead House milk paints are biodegradable and Zero VOC!


What’s the difference between Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk Paint? 


Milk Paint VS Mineral Paint

Milk Paint by Homestead House has 28 unique colours. The look of Milk Paint will give your piece a special touch. Easy to mix and brushes on very nicely.

How to use: Add one part water to one part powder – it’s that easy! Just mix and go.
Zero VOC – no low VOC, zero VOC. The formulation is (child) safe.
Beginner or pro – whether you’re painting for the first time or a seasoned professional, it’s easy for everyone to get a unique look using Milk Paint by Homestead House.
30 minutes to cure – it is the fastest drying paint on the market. This Milk Paint cures super fast.
Environmentally friendly – Milk Paint lasts forever, just mix the amount you want to use and save the rest for your next project.
Getting started with Milk Paint?

1. Prepare
Clean and degrease the surface.

2. Mix
Combine 1 part water with 1 part powder and stir for 1 minute.

3. Paint!
Using a brush, apply Milk Paint to the surface. Each coat is dry within 15-30 minutes (yes, fast!) and can be reapplied immediately after drying.

4. Finish.
Apply a top coat to seal your Milk Paint and bring out the true depth of the color! This will also protect the paint with a finish that will last for generations. Hemp Oil and Furniture Wax from Fusion Mineral Paint are great, easy-to-use options


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Milk Paint Wood Stain Provincial Walnut


Using the same ingredients as found in milk paint, you simply mix with water and apply to wood.

Milk Paint Stain

Using the same ingredients as found in our Milk Paint, you simply mix with water and apply to wood.

This is great for exterior decks chairs or furniture as it will never chip or peel. Over time slight wearing will occur with lots of rain on horizontal surfaces. Vertical surfaces are hardly impacted. Available in 4 colours: Pacific Redwood, Provincial Walnut, Quebec Maple and Sherwood Brown. Many people custom blend colours together to create a custom shade variation. Any milk paint colour can be turned into a stain by following the stain mixing instructions.

After 3-5 years you can re-mix some stain and re-apply.

There is no sanding required, no preparation work necessary.

Just mix, apply and seal!

To create a washed look or stain out of milk paint, simply add more water to your mixture! See below for tips and technique on how to achieve your desired finish. Whichever technique you use, the finish will be unlike any other!

Step 1. Preparation
Make sure that your project is free of any previous top coats so that the Milk Paint Stain can properly absorb into the surface. This may require that you remove the previous layers by sanding them away, or using our non toxic Soy Gel Paint and Urethane Stripper.

Step 2. Staining
Mixture for Stain: Mix 3 parts water to 1 part powder. Mix with a blender, or stir by hand. The consistency will be very thin, like water. Apply with even strokes from end to end for consistency. The stain will completely dry in approximately 15 minutes.

Tip. Add Homestead House Milk Paint Extender to your stain to keep the pigments suspended so that your colour remains even. Stir your Milk Paint every 10 minutes.

Step 3. Finishing
Once you are satisfied with the application of your Milk Paint Stain you can gently sand with a 300 grit sand paper to smooth out any raised wood grain. Once you are satisfied, you may continue with your desired top coat. Hemp oil, tung oil or beeswax are all excellent top coat finishes that are 100% natural and food safe. The oil helps to seal and protect the surface and to saturate the Milk Paint so it appears vibrant and not chalky. Hemp oil and beeswax are recommended for interior applications. Tung oil is recommended for exterior. Two coats of oil is ideal and you’re done! A varnish or urethane may also be used.


Homestead House milk paints are biodegradable and Zero VOC!

Homestead House colours depict the pioneer and colonial era of colours popular in those time periods. For more beautiful examples of the colours in the Milk Paints please visit our Blog.


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