Polyvine Decorators Varnish – Satin

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Polyvine Decorators Varnish – Satin 

A unique, clear acrylic varnish that uses nano-technology to protect a wide range of decorative surfaces – paintwork, wallpaper, fabric, wood and plaster work.

UV blocking and absorption reduce aging and deterioration of surfaces.
Available in a extra mat finish for a completely shine free surface.

Available in a satin finish for depth and a soft sheen. This is a slight gloss (not a matt finish, or a high gloss finish)

Apply 2-3 thin coats.
Dilute 10% with water to prime porous surfaces.
Apply with a good quality synthetic brush, recommended, or by conventional spray or High Volume
Low-pressure spray.
Rollers are not recommended, stippling may occur. Stir well.
Where a dead flat finish with a high degree of protection is required: apply satin finish first
with a thin coat of dead flat as your final coat.

Drying time: 1 to 2 Hours @ 20°C
Low temperature/high humidity increases drying time.
Cure Time: Up to 5 days @ 20°C
Recoat Time: Up to 2 Hours @ 20°C

Size: 500ml



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