Redesign Decor Mould Enlightened Etchings

Redesign Decor Mould Enlightened Etchings

Inspired by the gorgeous ornate mouldings seen all over Versailles.

Create your own with Kacha’s new Decor Mould, Enlightened Etchings. It features a beautiful statement piece, as well as a stunning border with gorgeous details.

All moulds can be painted over with either Fusion Mineral paint, or Fusion Milk Paint, or you can apply wax or gold leaf to decorate them as you like to complement your design.

Use Decor Moulds with quick set resin, Modelling Material, paper clay, hot glue, etc. to create your own beautiful castings for use on furniture, decor, and more.

All of our silicone moulds are food safe, so you can freely use them with fondant, melting chocolate, and other baking goods.



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